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Fincra provides a simple and secure payment platform for Nigerian businesses to collect online and offline payments.

After checking all the boxes of everything required to be a successful business, a good payment strategy is the ideal closure of all efforts. A payment strategy involves all aspects of the payment process-how; you accept payments from customers and make payments to cover business expenses and needs.

While offering different payment methods and channels is an overarching strategy that fits all business types, strategies differ for various business segments and where they sell.

For businesses selling online, having the best user experience with their payment pages, fraud and chargebacks, finding the best methods and channels to accept payments, card abandonment, etc., are some of the challenges they face. While offline sellers have to deal with long wait times for customers, failed transactions etc., for in-person transactions.

With money being the object generally accepted as a means for payment in trade and businesses, the ease with which it moves around is pivotal to a thriving economy. This phenomenon is why constant innovations and technologies have made moving money as easy as possible.

Accepting payments from Nigeria

These innovations have significantly impacted how people sell these days in Nigeria, either online or offline. The improvements in payment systems have brought about payment gateways that process cards for online and offline transactions.

For selling online, other innovations include payment pages, mobile wallets, marketplace websites and blockchain technology.

The innovations are for more than just online selling. For in-person transactions, there have been some innovations in using POS Terminals to accept payments.

For any business, the path to success and profitability is paved with a series of intentional decisions, one of which is working with a proven payment partner to simplify payment needs, including accepting payments as a business in Nigeria.

Why choose Fincra

Fincra is that partner that businesses need. Fincra provides a simple and secure payment platform for Nigerian businesses to collect online and offline payments.

The use cases using Fincra are numerous and spread across different business segments and needs.

With our Pay-In feature, businesses can easily collect payments from their customers through Virtual Accounts, Payment Links, Checkout, POS Terminal and Direct Charge (API).

Virtual AccountsFincra offers Virtual Accounts that allow merchants to receive payments and issue them to their customers in available currencies. With Fincra, businesses can use an NGN Virtual Account to receive money from Nigerian customers, a GBP Virtual Account to sell to customers in the United Kingdom and EUR Virtual Account to sell to anyone in Europe. Settlement is easy as the merchant receives funds in their wallet on the Fincra Dashboard or in their local bank account.

Payment Links: This is for merchants who do not have a website but want to sell online. They can get a Payment Link with Fincra Checkout flow to send to customers for payment.

Checkout: With Checkout, through integration or Payment Link, customers have the option of paying with their cards, bank transfers or Pay with PayAttitude.

Direct Charge: On the API level, we empower financial institutions to build a platform that offers Pay-In services to their customers.

Offline payment

While online payment systems have dominated recent conversions, businesses continue encountering challenges of failed transactions and long wait-time for customers. Fincra has offline solutions with its POS Terminal that offers more than just the regular card terminals that accept cards. With Fincra’s POS Terminal, customers can pay with bank transfers for businesses to close sales quickly.


As a business, you need to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed and working with a proven payment partner like Fincra gives you a headstart. See what our partners say about us here and here, and speak to one of our sales representatives to know more.

You can also create an account in a few minutes to start transacting.

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