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Some key takeaways from Wole Ayodele’s interview with TechNext.

The gap

“...I found that people were doing transactions across Africa but there was a gap from the payment infrastructure point of view. Someone had to fill that gap by delivering that payment infrastructure…”

Fincra’s culture of consistency

“...Fincra is removing the challenges associated with traditional payment processing methods by providing an integrated platform that puts revenue at the heart of every business operation. We are making it easy for businesses to scale across multiple markets by offering a simple, secure, low-cost way to receive and send money…”

Customer-focused solutions

“...We operate on the ‘customer-obsession’ approach. Often, people say things like that. But at Fincra, we mean it. We are actually involved in making customers’ life easy. The services we offer are superior; they are inspired by the dedicated one-on-one interactions we have with customers. The approach has been very helpful in creating innovative products for the market…”

Africa at the heart of Fincra’s solutions

“...For me, I think that the seamless transfer of value/money across Africa is important to unlocking a lot of economic potentials. This is why we are focused on Africa…”

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