In our continuous search to make Fincra the best for merchants, we constantly search for what makes businesses and transactions more effortless for you. From making data available to you with a summary of transactions, to a dashboard with better look and feel, etc., we have made some improvements to the Fincra Merchant Dashboard.

We have made this update to provide you with additional essential insights and a more streamlined overview of your balances, virtual accounts, and transaction summary.

With the new look, the cards on the Dashboard are more prominent and easier to see for merchants. It has a better look and feel. It is also more interactive than the previous Dashboard.

Also, on this improved Dashboard, merchants can see sub-accounts at a glance and filter and see how many sub-account they have created.

Here’s more to know about the new Dashboard.

Balances and Sub-accounts

On this new Dashboard, merchants can see an overview of their balance position. You have Locked Balance which shows the transactions that merchants are processing. The Locked Balance clears when the transaction is successfully closed or even when it fails. When it fails, the value returns to Available Balance. With this new flow, merchants can quickly have an idea about the state of their transactions.

The Balance Overview gives a detailed view of balance history, localised to the currency you want. It has a reason, method, and Available Balance after and before transactions. Merchants can also export these data to other channels.

Request a Virtual account in your desired currency

On the new Dashboard, merchants can request a Virtual Account in their preferred currency and set up Virtual Accounts in USD, GBP and other currencies.

Transaction summary

Merchants can see Pay-In and Pay-Out transactions on a weekly or daily basis. With this, merchants can know how much value they have accepted or paid out.
This new update gives extra data that speaks to percentages. More data means more power to analyse, compare and make better data-driven decisions.

Other updates

At Fincra, we always look for ways to improve our platform and give merchants the best user experience. There have also been other updates we have communicated to merchants.

Wallet now Balance

We have given Wallet on Fincra a new look and name. The ‘Wallet’ tab on Finca has been replaced by ‘Balance’ as seen on the new-look Dashboard.

The renaming gives the correct context of what the Balance section means. In that section, you will be able to view your balances in the various currencies you have.

Merchant Enablement Session

Customer Obsession is a value we vehemently uphold at Fincra; we constantly strive to improve our customers’ experience. In that vein, our Merchant Success team kicked off a new Merchant Enablement Session series. The Merchant Success Team kicked off this series to provide real-time education on using our products and provide immediate assistance on blockers, concerns, or questions merchants might have.

There have already been three sessions in two series, with more coming.

BVN requirement for NGN Virtual Account

A new update on Fincra requires merchants to request NGN Virtual Accounts with their  Bank Verification Number (BVN). This update is because of our commitment to ensuring we adhere to the highest regulatory requirements in our operations.

This new update is required to protect you against fraud or identity theft.

Updates on the Fincra Dashboard to streamline your experience

We have made the following updates to improve merchant experience and simplify transacting and engaging on the Fincra Dashboard.

Automated Onboarding

In a few minutes, merchants can now seamlessly complete the entire onboarding and KYC process on the Fincra Portal. If there are issues with your onboarding process, you get notifications in real-time.

Unified Platform and Onboarding

Our sandbox (isolated testing environment) and live environment are now on a unified platform. This unified platform means you can now access a single and unified onboarding process for both environments. You can switch between the sandbox and live environment with a toggle at the top of the page.

BVN Resolution API

Our security and that of your customers are fundamental to us at Fincra. To this effect, merchants can now validate the Bank Verification Number (BVN) of their customers transacting in NGN and verify their identity with our BVN resolution API.

This API will help merchants quickly perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

Check out the API documentation for BVN Resolution API Doc.