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The Fincra Writeathon is a contest for you to about the amazing things you’ve built or are building with Fincra APIs.

Calling all the tech writers!!, When was the last time you read a tutorial, a guide, or programming guidance that was very helpful? If you’re inspired to produce such a masterpiece, then write something that will:

  • Solve large-scale technical issues
  • Something unique
  • Help developers become 20x …

The Fincra Writeathon is here!

The Fincra Writeathon is a contest for you to about the amazing things you’ve built or are building with Fincra APIs.

What We’re Looking For? We’re interested in unique technical tutorials about our products that demonstrate a compelling use case for our API. Our goal is simple; we want to see what you can write about Fincra suits of products that fit the quality standard for our blog and tech community.

Criteria To Participate

Guidelines For Writing

  • Originality: We want to see unique thoughts with fascinating opinions or points of view that we can’t find anywhere else. The article must be original and must not have been plagiarised or published elsewhere.
  • Great User Guide: The article must be code-driven; a developer should be able to build on what you’ve written; for example, if you wrote about how to build a money transfer app, a developer should be able to do so by reading the article.
  • We want a step-by-step tutorial on how to use our products; therefore, your article should be well-written. Kindly follow this guide in your writing.
  • The article should not be less than 500 words.

Our API Documentation can be found here :

What’s in it for you?

  • Free merchandise from Fincra.
  • Cash prices for winners.
  • We will publish your article on our blog.
  • We will amplify your reach. This reach is crucial if you’re a technical writer wanting to break into the industry. The Fincra marketing and social media teams will support you in spreading the news about your excellent work. Your success is a success for us.

What do you stand to win?

  • 500$ dollars for the winner.
  • 250$ dollars for the first runner-up.
  • 150$ dollars for the second runner-up.
  • 100$ dollars for the third runner-up.
  • Free merchandise from Fincra for the remaining top 10 candidates.

Who owns your work?

    • You do! You maintain complete ownership but provide Fincra with an unlimited license to publish and promote your article as they want.
    • You are free to publish the article elsewhere. We ask that you include a rel=canonical tag to your post wherever possible, with the original post at Fincra serving as the canonical URL.

    Application date October 28 – November 28


  • Our Developer Relations Team will review your draft once you submit it using the submission form to determine whether it would be a good match for the Fincra learning platform. We will be in touch with you three weeks after the writeathon ends and we will let you know if your application was successful or not. You will get paid when we publish the article on our blog.Note that submitting does not guarantee acceptance.Other terms and conditions apply.

    Kindly click the link below to submit your article.

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