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Key trends in Nigeria's consumer payments market for retailers

5 key trends in Nigeria’s consumer payments market for retailers 

Payment collection is so important for retailers, and Fincra has different products built to solve any challenges in retail situations.
how do i collect school fees with ease

Back-to-school season: 4 payment methods schools can use for quick and easy collection

With Fincra, schools can concentrate on delivering top-notch education while we handle the entire payment process on your behalf.
customised checkout

Guaranteeing e-commerce success with a customised checkout 

With Fincra, businesses can get customised checkout for a consistent brand experience or explore our white-label solutions for seamless checkout…
pos retail

A guide for retailers: How to get the best POS system for your business 

Fincra POS Terminal solution ensure optimal retail operations and enhanced customer experiences for retail businesses.
Introducing the Fincra Partner Program
Fincra Updates

Introducing the Fincra Partner Program

Whether you offer software as a service or tech-enabled financial services, Fincra has tailored this program to accelerate your growth…
Uzo Okoro, COO, Fincra
Fincra Insider

Tribe Spotlight: Head of Operations Uzoamaka, tells us how she leads

In this episode of Tribe Spotlight, we speak to the dynamic Head of Operations Uzoamaka Okoro about what drives her,…

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